Tutorial Tuesday – 8-bit Graphics!

You guys.  Is it really only Tuesday?!  I propose a law (ha ha ha – the government is CLOSED, Lizzie!) where every day is Saturday!  Only we still get paid for Saturdays 1-5.  I think it’s a good law.  It’s solid logic and it makes nothing but cents.  DOLLARS AND CENTS!  [Rim shot-cymbal]!  I’m already off topic and I haven’t even gotten to the topic yet.  Yikes.  I’ll start a new paragraph to symbolize how this post will be starting anew.

OK.  Who doesn’t love 8-bit graphics?!  “ME!!” says I’m sure a lot of you.  But you are the dumb ones, so I’ll let it slide.  For those of us who grew up during the golden age of video games, 8-bit brings back some good memories.  Like being handed a roll of quarters and told to beat it.  Well, the “beat it” was implied.  So, because I’m awesome and I love you, I’ve come up with a few goodies.  Hold on to your butts.

8-bit fire

Legend of Zelda fireplace. GAH!  This is so much better than those TVs that play a fireplace scene!  Like a million times better!  You know what this means I have to buy, though, right?  A FIREPLACE!!!  Or maybe I’ll just put a tiny one under our wall heater.  Same thing.


8-bit sugar cookies.  I can see it all now.

Me:  “Hey – anybody want a cookie?”

[Sets fancy, modern plate FILLED with 8-bit cookies on the perfectly restored mid-century table].

My stylish guests:  “WHAT THE??!!”

[Heads explode because of the sheer amazement of the awesomeness of the cookies.  Oh, and because I have the ability to Scanners everybody too – I have to make this scene more interesting and Sci-Fi is hot right now].

Of course, mine would never turn out that way.  They’d be much more abstract.  Like green blobs in random places.  Now I just feel sad at my incompetent baking abilities.


Geeky weaves.  I love these.  Of course when I found them, I was all “SO COOL!”  And then I wondered what the hell you were supposed to do with them.  I guess you could decorate something with them?  You know what has some great ideas, I bet?!  The link to the post which I just glazed because that’s how I read.  A speed reader who doesn’t retain any content.  There has to be a competition for that somewhere.

pac-man corkboard

Pac-Man corkboard.  Man, oh man.  I’d love to have this in my office instead of the HIDEOUS and BORING corkboard that I’ve been FORCED to use.  RECTANGULAR????  What is this, pioneer days???  I think something needs to be done about this…

Oh, and if you didn’t believe how much I like these graphics, prepare to be SERVED!

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  1. Posted October 9, 2013 at 11:39 AM | Permalink

    Hey, that’s my fireplace! (And by fireplace I mean the cheap veneer mantel that I bought on Craigslist for $50 then painted and caulked to my wall to make it look like it’s kind of supposed to be there) Anyway, thanks for featuring it!

    • Lizzie
      Posted October 9, 2013 at 1:10 PM | Permalink

      GAH!! Thanks for commenting! I feel like I’m talking to a super star!! I love this idea! And it totally looks like it’s supposed to be there! (I like exclamation points. A. Lot.)