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I Guess This is Goodbye

Well, this can’t be too big of a surprise.  I thought I was going to rise like a phoenix, but I’m drying out like a white turd.  Guys, I just can’t write a blog about DIY anymore.  I think I’m DIY’d out.  Not completely.  Just enough to not want to write about it.  I’m going […]

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Stitch Fix

So, I decided to try something a little new and different.  I decided to try Stitch Fix.  “What’s Stitch Fix?!” you ask excitedly (you guys get so easily riled up).  Stitch Fix is a company that, for $20 a month, will hand-pick five clothing/accessory items and mail them to you.  You fill out a “style profile” which gives […]

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Airstream Redo

Don’t get too excited. We have not yet purchased an Airstream. The operative word being yet. That being said, I think I’ve successfully impressed upon Ryan my “need” for one. As it is apparent that I will be stuck working a full-time office job until the day I die(ish) and will forever live in a tiny apartment (unless we move […]

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