Things I Do When I’m Sick

First off, I’M BACK FROM VACATION!  Second, Ryan and I both got sick after we got back.  Well, Ryan started to feel sick in Istanbul, but didn’t tell me for a few days because he thought his throat might just be irritated by the fact that we were always in a cloud of cigarette smoke there.  We take for granted that it’s illegal to smoke in public ANYWHERE here in Santa Monica.  ANYWAY, he got sick, I got sick, I got sad and depressed that this seems to happen to me a lot after vacation, I hesitantly called in sick to work feeling like a total chump because I just got back into the office, and I did this while coughing:

Elk head

Remember my post on PAPERTROPHY?  Well, my package was waiting for me when we got back into town!  I tested the system out by first assembling the little piggy bank that came with it.


It was not easy.  I made a video of the piggy bank process on Instagram, so head over and check that out if you want to see what you start with.  I used Elmer’s  Glue and a paintbrush to apply it.  By the end of the elk head, I was sweating a lot and muttering inappropriate things under my breath.  But I love it!  Now that it’s assembled, I’m wondering if I would have liked the unicorn better.  But woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Oh, and I’m gathering all the pictures and stories from the trip with which to regale you!  “YAY!” says probably none of you.  But whatever.  You guys are such poopy pants sometimes.

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