I make up words all the time on this blog.  The problem is that when I use them in subsequent posts, I don’t re-define them.  If you’re a regular reader, you get it.  If you’re just reading a post as a one-off, it might get confusing.  I decided that maybe I should keep an ongoing list of Lizzie-isms.  That way I don’t have to search for links to show you the definition.  Long story short, I’m lazy and this was the easiest way I can keep everyone in the loop.  Without further ado:

Hilarissing (hill-AIR-iss-ing) – doing something that is both hilarious and embarrassing at the same time.  “You guys, I just sneezed and farted at the same time.  Hilarissing…”

Bloupie (BLOO-pee) – people who regularly read this blog; blog groupies.  “Ugh.  Another love letter from a bloupie.  Aren’t bloupies the worst?!”  (Kidding!  You’re all the best!!)

Hilsome (HILL-sum) – the sister to hilarissing; something that is both hilarious and impressively awesome at the same time.  “Did you see that?  Ryan just beefed it skating in his adult Heelys down on 3rd Street Promendade.  It’s a little hilarissing, but mostly hilsome.”

Joan (Joan) – my dress form.  “Man, padding out this dress form to my size makes me feel like Joan from Mad Men.  Only bigger.  Especially in the hippal region.”

The Queen AnnE (thuh-kween-ayun) – the GORGEOUS apartment building where I live [seen here].  “Whoa.  Did you guys see Lizzie’s apartment building?  It’s so classy that Ann is spelled with an E at the end.

Vawesome (VAW-sum) – very awesome.  “How awesome is that?  Very awesome.  In fact, it’s vawesome.”

Blandwagon (BLAND-wag-uhn) – the blog bandwagon.  “Man, has Lizzie written a blog post lately?”  “Nope.  She’s totally fallen off the blandwagon.




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