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Things I Do When I’m Sick

First off, I’M BACK FROM VACATION!  Second, Ryan and I both got sick after we got back.  Well, Ryan started to feel sick in Istanbul, but didn’t tell me for a few days because he thought his throat might just be irritated by the fact that we were always in a cloud of cigarette smoke there.  […]

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Wedding Festivities

As I mentioned last week, my sister-in-law got married a few weeks ago.  Yay for Christian and Tate!!  Because I am nice (read: pushy), I offered (read: pretty much demanded) to make a few things as wedding decorations.  I was very close to being a bridesmaidzilla.  I mean, I had a Pinterest board created about 5 seconds after the […]

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Custom Stuff – Like Anything

First off, hello, hello, hello!  I know it’s been far too long and that you may very well have thought I died of some deadly disease (Ebola WAS going around) because I’ve been so silent for so long.  Honestly, I just got really burned out.  But now I feel like I’ve once again got something […]

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