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And I’m not talking about music by George Clinton (even though I wish I were because…that hair is awesome).  I’m talking about me.  I feel like I’m in a total funk lately.  I cannot get motivated to write anything.  Part of it is because all the projects I’m working on right now are for the party in a couple […]

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Ted and His Earhair

As it is busy today at work (the knowledge of my absence is starting to cause a panic), I will only be able to give you a little treat today.  Without further ado, I present Ted.  And His Earhair.   It certainly does sway in the breeze.  Oh Ted…  

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DIY Dare – Paint-by-Number

The first DIY Dare is done!  I know that some of you might be all “Really?  Paint-by-number?”  It’s harder than it looks!  Believe me.  Hopefully you naysayers will at least get a kick out of the video we made documenting it.  If you can’t tell, Ryan found out where the sound effects are…   And, as […]

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