So…Ted’s Famous

I can’t believe I held on to this secret for so long, but Ted is in Jackson Galaxy’s new book called Catification.  Need proof, ya naysayer?Catification


Ted in Catification

Take THAT!  Who’s the liar now???!!  That doesn’t really make sense, but I just wanted to emphasize my non-lyingness.

The story is that they contacted us several months ago (see – it was MONTHS of secrets) about information on the cat shelves for possible inclusion in the book.  After I picked myself up off the floor, I contacted the editor who asked me to take additional, higher resolution pictures.  I did.  And they sucked.  I swear, our apartment is a black hole and you cannot get a good picture of those blasted shelves.  I’d have called someone over who can actually take photographs, but the cats are so scared that they’d never sit on the shelves with them in the room.  Dumb jerks.  That being said, the actual tutorial was not chosen, but they did choose one picture we sent of Ted.  All those other cats are hobos compared to Ted.  I mean, look at their sorry excuses for tails!  He should have been on the cover!  (I’m becoming a stage mother).

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Leather Bracelet

So, I’m just stopping in to show you guys my pyrography progress.  Here’s my first attempt at burning leather.

leather braceletIs it simple bordering on boring?  Yes.  Would you consider it remotely artistic?  Not really.  Did it smell like a roasting a pig while I was working on it?  Definitely.  Regardless, I’m a little excited about the entire concept.  I can’t wait to show you guys  my “big” project when I’m finished!!

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It’s also called wood burning, but I prefer to feel like an 8-year old Drew Barrymore or these guys (question – do you think this guy is balding and that’s why he cut his hair like this?  Otherwise…dumb).  ANYWAY…I finally broke down and bought a pyrography pen (you should hear me pronouncing that word out loud – I sound a little special).  Why did I buy a pyrography pen?  Because….duh.  More specifically, I can make some super cool things.  One thing is already in the works, but it’s under wraps for a bit.  But besides whatever the secret project I’m making is, you can do all sorts of really cool stuff.  Here’s a sampling of what I’m talking about:

pyrography cuffsLeather cuffs.  Pyrography – not just for wood anymore.  And you know what I also bought?  A leather punch.  That’s right, folks!!  I can totally make these.  As soon as I obtain some artistic ability.  And paint?

Etched-SpoonsWood burned spoons.  So pretty!  How fancy would you feel stirring your [whatever you stir a lot of; I don’t cook much]?!  And this looks like it might be a pretty good beginner project (I say as the person who hasn’t even cracked open the packaging of her pyrography pen) because a) straight lines and dots, and b) wooden spoons are very cheap at Ikea which means I can make lots of mistakes.  In fact…maybe it’s the reason for another Ikea trip!!

wood ringsRings.  You’re going to notice that several of these projects are from the same blog (if you take the time to actual click the link).  She has OTHER ideas/tutorials as well.  Per usual, the artistic/creative people irritate me.  And I want those huge rings!!


Cutting board.  I’ll be honest.  The little leafy designs are what got me here.  Do I want a cutting board that says “Joy?”  No.  Mine would say something like “Cut Me.”  It makes sense while also displaying my overall feelings on life.  (Sorry, I’ve been listening to a lot of Morrissey lately.)

Wood candleholdersCandle holders.  Aren’t these so adorable?  How cute would this be as a wedding centerpiece in one of those barn weddings?  Or just sitting on my dining room table?!  Mine would say R + T 4-evah.

wood burned boxes

Boxes.  Another project by Alisa Burke.  I mean, she does this freehand.  I couldn’t even conceptualize how to begin this.  I actually might try so that I can laugh.  And then end up burning myself.  Obvs.

Wood burned art

Straight up art.  So…one day I’ll be able to do this, right?  I was going to joke and say that it was the deck off my gorgeous home, but then I realized that it’s in a bamboo forest which don’t really exist here.  But I’m going to be honest and say that it was hard to find an amazing artistic picture that wasn’t involving Westeros, Lord of the Rings, or giant animals.  But isn’t it amazing?  I mean, all with just a pyrography pen!

So, last night I decided I was going to start practicing.  But then I remembered that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix, so I binged (some more) on that.  Where you lead…  Side note – Dean really bugs me.  I can’t wait until Logan comes on the scene!!

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