Guest Post: Creating an Outdoor Entertaining Space – Spice up your spring with better outdoor parties!

Creating an Outdoor Entertaining Space[Image source]

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising outside. It’s time to get excited about hosting outdoor parties at your home! From barbeques to baby showers, spring and summer are the best times to get outside and enjoy your outdoor space.

But what if you don’t really have an outdoor space? What if the space you have is lack-luster and unappealing? Fear not! There is still time to create a wonderful outdoor space that will satisfy you and your guests all season long. Follow this list of ideas and tips to help you get your outdoor space ready for entertaining any crowd.

Clear a space for each activity

Finding outdoor space can be difficult, especially if you have a small space to work with. Designating areas for specific activities will not only make the best use of your space, but also make your area seem a lot bigger, especially when there are a lot of people filling it!

Create separate spaces for dining, dancing, games and whatever other things you and your guests like. Make the transitions easier by creating lighted pathways or adding stair kits to guide guests from one space to the other.

Turn it inside out

When you want to create an elegant and inviting outdoor space, don’t be afraid to bring the inside out. Use furniture, lighting, dinnerware and other in-home items to create a homey space outside. Doing this will make you and your guests more comfortable and relaxed, and the added sophistication of real china instead of flimsy paper plates is always a plus.

Protect your things from the weather by putting up some shade and arranging items so that the walls of your home and fence can block light, wind and whatever else may come your way.

Don’t forget about lighting

If you want your parties to go from day to night, or you utilize a shaded space, you cannot rely on natural light alone to keep the party going. String lights are a classic go-to, making a whimsical ambiance and giving off subtle light.

There are unlimited unique ideas for lighting outside. Use small candles in mason jars on tables or hung overhead for a rustic look. Create a wood-burning fire pit to please your inner outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman!).

Reduce the in-and-out cycle

There are few things more annoying that having to run in and out of the house to get things for your outdoor party. Make a few simple adjustments to reduce this cycle.

It is always a good idea to have a small fridge outdoors all summer long. Keep it stocked with drinks and appetizers, making refilling the refreshment table less of a hassle. Have plenty of trash cans and designated spots for dirty dishes and other used items, away from the food of course.

If you are going to have a big party, you might even consider renting a porta-potty for the event. The idea sounds gross and unrealistic, but the idea is usually a not cleaner and reasonable than having dirty guests tracking in and out of your home all night. This way, you will enjoy your party and the next day clean up!

Author Bio:

Tina Hamilton is an established journalist, blogger and DIY project addict. You can usually find her scouring Pinterest for new project ideas or outside with her dog in Southern California. You can follow her on Twitter.

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Tutorial Tuesday – Golden Bowl!

I feel like Indiana Jones right now.  Or Eddie Murphy.  I know – “Golden Bowl” is probably the dumbest title ever, but it is what it is.

See, my friend Tine (the one who has the most awesome house in the world which she nicely offers to throw parties) has the coolest bowls on her table.  I love them so much because while they’re just basic nesting bowls on the outside, the inside is gold.  “Big whoop,” you say.  No.  You’re wrong and actually kinda rude, guys.  Anyway, it’s awesome because it looks like there’s a lit candle inside.  It glows so strongly(?) that it actually looks like a light source.  Geez Louise.  Why don’t I just show you.  Here’s what they look like:

gold bowl 2Right?  Isn’t is so dreamy?  This isn’t one of the ones she actually has, but this is the general idea (you can buy this one here). I just want to stare at them.  Which is super weird, so I’ll just move on.

So during my daily internet browse, I stumbled upon this tutorial and I almost died:

gold-bowlUmmmmm…it’s a bowl that looks VERY similar to the bowl I covet.  And looking over the tutorial, I almost fainted (I’m so melodramatic) when I saw what it’s made out of – newspapers, a balloon, Mod Podge and acrylic paint.  Ummmm…ummmm…ummmmm…GAHHHHHHHHHHH!  I could take that stack of phone books sitting outside our apartment building (no joke – there’s at least 10) and make like 100 of these.  Or 1,000!  And as she points out in the tutorial, you can make it jagged on top like this, or cut it straight, leave it rough on the inside or sand it smooth.  And you know what – this would look AWESOME on my office desk.  I think we can all agree.

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Every Day Should Be Saturday

Saturdays (or just weekends) are the best.  Here’s a recap of what I did this weekend (some of which you’ve seen if you follow me on Instagram):

soup of the dayRyan and I started out the weekend by walking down to Main Street in Santa Monica for happy hour.  I ordered a Dublin Donkey which was whiskey and ginger beer.  It was wonderfully delicious.

wetsuitAfter a couple of drinks, seeing our neighbor’s drying wetsuit was a pant-wetting surprise.

Saturday montageSaturday, we seized the day early and walked to one of my favorite restaurants for some pastries and then walked home along the beach.

coconut oil treatmentI decided to ram a whole bunch of coconut oil in my hair because the internet said it would be good for it.  I put my glasses on to fancy this picture up more than it already was.  I left it in for hours (thanks to my “stolen” hotel room shower cap that I laughed and laughed about taking because WHO USES A SHOWER CAP??).  My hair does feel a little softer and my friend said it looked very shiny.

sleepingI watched these guys continue to work their busy weekday job of sleeping all day while I rewatched Season 3 of Game of Thrones.  I needed everything to be fresh in my head for the premier.  And during said premier, I tried very very hard not to geek out and say “in the books…” because I hate people like that.  Now I just feel sorry for them.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell.  What about yours?  Do anything exciting?  Are you refreshed and ready to charge headlong into the work week?  Or are you like me and thought hard and long about calling in today?  But that’s every day for me.

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