Airstream Redo

Don’t get too excited. We have not yet purchased an Airstream. The operative word being yet. That being said, I think I’ve successfully impressed upon Ryan my “need” for one. As it is apparent that I will be stuck working a full-time office job until the day I die(ish) and will forever live in a tiny apartment (unless we move to a less desirable area – to me), I think I deserve a treat. Albeit, a very large treat that will cost blood, sweat and tears (and money, obvs), and take a long time to complete. But I need it this year. Unless something catastrophic (or Ryan gets very little work or I am unable to stop buying a ton of dresses from eShakti), it’s on like Donkey Kong. Some days, this thought is the only thing that stops me from walking into my office and saying “Screw you guys, I’m going home” while giving inappropriate hand gestures. It gets more and more difficult every day. First world problems, I know.

ANYWAY, this has given me a renewed excitement when I see things like bathroom tiles.  Guys, I have to see beautifully tiled bathrooms and kitchens constantly because that’s what Ryan does for a living.  It’s torture.  One day, I’ll post some pictures of the things he’s done.  But now, I can look at this and say…total possibility:

bathroom tile love

Will I be able to have a super cool concrete pillar in the middle – no.  Will that tile be out of style in a few years – maybe.  But as of this minute, I love this with all my being.  Maybe I should go a little simpler, though.

bathroom tile love 2Haha.  J/K.  That’s a little too much for a trailer.  Just a smidge.  But for reals simple.

bathroom tile love 3

Right?  Fun fact – Ryan did a bathroom just like this recently.  Well, the tiles were a little larger, but it was beautiful.  He said it was a pain, but…that’s his problem, not mine.  Aren’t I a peach?

As for the interior…hells bells.  I just saw some ideas that blew me sockless out of the roof.

Airstream interiorAirstream interior 2Granted, this is 40′ Airstream that is not moveable, but…I could live here for reals. Minus the shiny walls/ceiling – I think I’d have to wear sunglasses in there. Do yourself a favor and check the Timeless Travel Trailers post out in its entirety.

So…prepare yourself.  Watch, it all turns into a nightmare we wish we never attempted.  Those odds aren’t that small, but whatever.  You’re all a bunch of naysayers sometimes.

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