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Watercolor Basics

So…I think I just received a sign.  See, I’ve always wanted to try to paint or draw.  In elementary school, some school helper told me that I wasn’t creative, so it kinda stuck.  When it came time to choose electives in high school, I opted out of art completely and just went with music.  Needless […]

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Guest Post – Tips to Convert a Tiny Space into Your Dream Kitchen

When considering your dream home, original thoughts tend to focus on a big, cozy kitchen. In is fact, the house or apartment we’re on the verge of choosing can often be practically perfect; but if the kitchen is small, it’s often a deal breaker. The images of friends and family gathering in a warm space […]

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Apartment Kitchens…

Are the worst.  As you probably noticed when you read Ryan’s post about the microwave makeover, our kitchen is, how you say, total bootay.  Even he says so.  The most stressful thing to me is that Ryan’s profession is actually a tile setter.  He helps people create the kitchen of their dreams via subway tiles […]

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