A Day at the Beach

I have lived in Santa Monica for over 10 years.  Not just Santa Monica, but just a few blocks from the ocean.  I know.  Rub it in, right?  The sad thing is that I can probably count on two hands how many times I’ve spent the day at the beach.  But I did this weekend!  And it was a blast!  It didn’t hurt that I *had* to buy a new bathing suit and a couple of beach wraps.  I mean, I didn’t want to look like a hobo out there.  Couple that with the fact that I didn’t get sunburned at all.  Thanks SPF 50 sunblock, a hat and beach umbrella!  We were a good team this weekend.  I even remembered the tops of my feet!  (If you can’t tell, I’m very pale.  I’m basically Powder from the hit movie “Powder.”  I also get shocked very easily.  I know this sounds like a lie, but it’s not.  One time (not at band camp), I actually had an arch of electricity go from my finger to wood trim.  Hand on bible.  Like I said, I’m Powder.)

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little collage of our day at the beach.  There was paddle ball, Ryan acting tough while setting up and sitting in his rather feminine beach chair, sailboats and our oasis of umbrellas.  There was also eating and drinking.  Non-alcoholic, obvs, as drinking alcohol is illegal on Santa Monica Beach!  Winkity-wink.

And after I buy this, I will be at the beach all the time.  That thing is made for me.  Shoot – I might just make that my home.  TONS of (homeless) people do it.  Sheesh.

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