Tutorial Tuesday – Atomic Star!

Gold atomic star

Well, well, well.  What do we have here?  A step-by-step tutorial on how to make an atomic star (or as my friend calls it – the Death Star).  By me.  Also photographed by me (probably not that well).  Before I start, I want to preface this post by saying this is a picture-HEAVY post (my favorites because you know how I hate to read words and stuff – blecht).  So…let’s do this:

Supplies Used
Let’s start with the supplies.  You’ll need:

1) Paper.  The beauty of this is that you can make it with any size paper.  The one I’m showing today is made with 12″ x 12″ paper, but I just made one recently for a party that was 24″ x 24″ which I made with gold wrapping paper.  The heavier the paper, the more stars you’ll need.  For 60lb printer paper or wrapping paper, you’ll need about 20 sheets.  For cardstock, use 10-12 sheets.

2) Scissors OR a Silhouette.  I’ve made it both ways.  Obviously, I had to make the 24″ one with scissors.  If you have a Silhouette, here’s a cut file for you.  YOU’RE WELCOME!

3) Glue.  Depending on the weight of the paper, you’ll either need Elmer’s glue or hot glue.  Regular 60lb printer paper and wrapping paper only call for Elmer’s glue.  Cardstock means you gotta haul out the old glue gun.

4) Jewelry spacers.

5) Embroidery floss or fishing line.  I started with fishing line, but I think I was Hulking out when I was assembling it and I kept breaking it.  Hence, I switched to embroidery floss.  Unless you’re planning on hanging it, you don’t need to worry about the color, but I picked one that was relatively close to the paper color.  If you are planning on hanging it, you’ll need to cut the floss/line pretty long so that you can use it to hang.

6) Needle.

drawing and folding
Step 1:
If you have a Silhouette, just hit cut (it’s just the best) and skip to Step 7.  If you don’t, either find something circular in your house that is the size you want OR use a compass to draw a circle.  To make that 24″ star, we made our own.  Method 3 on this page is how we made ours.  Well, we used a chopstick for the stationary part because we’re “special.”

Step 2:
Make another, smaller circle in the center.  I used a shot glass (because we have SO MANY sitting around – usually in the dishwasher).

Step 3:
Fold the paper in half.

Step 4:
Fold it in half again.

Step 5:
Fold in half again.

Step 6:
Unfold it and cut on the creases, from the edge to the inner drawn circle.

This is what you’ll end up with.  The one on the right was cut with the Silhouette.

Bending and Gluing
Step 7:
Bend the paper to make a point.  I’ll be honest, this took a bit of time to get right.  You want the paper to be curled as evenly as possible, but don’t get too crazy about it.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Step 8:
Once you get the point right, glue the outside edge.  I was going to show you exactly, but I couldn’t take a picture while holding the point AND gluing.  I’m not magical.

Do this on all 8 cut sections and you’ll end up with the picture on the bottom right in the above picture.

This is what you’ll end up with – a stack o’ stars.  It seems like WAAAAAYYYY too many stars, but it’s not.

Step 9:
Thread the jewelry spacer onto the embroidery floss and thread both ends of the floss through the needle.

Step 10:
Pull the needle and floss through the center of the underside of the first star.

Step 11:
Pull the needle and floss through the center of the TOP SIDE of the rest of the stars.

Step 12:
Take the floss off the needle and thread the jewelry spacer onto one of the strands.

Step 13:
Tie a knot and pull ONE STRAND of floss.  If you pull both sides, you’ll break the floss.  (I know because I did it more than once – I’m a slow learner).  Pull until it’s fully formed and tie another knot to hold it in place.

Atomic Star

Shazzam!  Isn’t it pretty?!  Done and done.  Now you can set it on a table or hang it. Or do whatever you want.  What do I care.

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Tutorial Tuesday – Plants!

Ummm…Frank is doing marvelously for any of you WHO CARE TO ASK!  So because I’m high on plant life (no, I’m not snorting Frank), I decided to throw together a few plant-related tutorials for you.

succulent pots
Succulent pots.  Aren’t these so nice and simple?  They’re something you’d see in some “fancy” shop like CB2.  But they’re just regular old, boring pots spray painted into this delicious morsel.  Don’t worry Frank.  I’ll make you look like the handsome devil you are.

Dragan Plant Pot.  I think I typed “Dragon” about five times.  Someone’s got Game of Thrones on the brain!  ANYWAY, this is a cool way to house your plants when you’re like me and you have 0.00 room for plants in your living space unless you opt to hang them on the wall.  Brilliant.  And…these are fake plants which is, and I think Frank will attest, something I should consider next.

paper succulent
Paper succulents.  And now on to the plant which is most suited to my particular set of skills – paper.  But doesn’t it look awesome?!  The succulents in my office…aren’t doing too well.  Maybe I’ll just switch to these.  Who needs the oxygen-carbon dioxide interchange that plants provide!  We’re going to be breathing through masks in the future anyway.  Just ask Hong Kong.

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Rainy Party (and Ryan’s Awesomeness)

rain party

Living here in LA, the forecast is usually sunny and 70-75 degrees.  So when you plan a party, you don’t really factor weather in because it’s a non-issue a vast majority of the time.  Even if there was some rain on the horizon, it’s usually just sprinkling and/or some grey skies.  Notice I didn’t say it’s never an issue.  Enter the party I helped decorate this past weekend.  Yikes.

The weather called for a huge rainstorm which usually just means the rain mentioned above.  Nothing crazy.  Sometimes none at all.  Thanks, Dallas Raines (the actual name of an LA weatherman).  So when my friend sent me a text, slightly panicked, two weeks before the party and said it was going to rain, I was like…wait a few days.  I’m sure the closer we get to the party, the less and less likely the rain’s going to be.  I was wrong (Dallas Raines is probably high-fiving a million angels right now).  Guys.  It rained harder than I’ve ever seen and heard it rain.  It seriously felt like we had a tin roof.


I’m going to do something I never do.  I actually cringe a bit when people do this because I always wonder why they feel the need.  When people rave about their spouses, I think (because I am dead inside) that people are making up for something.  Like a “he doth protest too much,” but in the reverse.  When people go on and on about how great their husbands are, my eyes roll into the stratosphere and I make retching noise.  Well hold on to your eyes and your gag reflexes, because I’m about to explode.

You guys.  Ryan is the best.  I don’t give him nearly enough credit for the help he gives me and other people.  Whatever I dream up, he brings to fruition.  Whenever I make something, can’t figure out what went wrong and break down crying, he’s there to figure out that if you just shove cotton balls in there, it’ll look fine (true story).  And he doesn’t make fun of the fact that I’m crying over broken styrofoam balls (or whatever).   And this time, he really went above and beyond.  He offered to build (BUILD!) a canopy.  In the rain.  For something I was really not a big part of (I just made a few decorations).  After my friends decided to rent a canopy because it would pretty much cost the same to build and it would look far less hoopty, Ryan called the rental places, found the best deal and was there to help them set it up.  While he was waiting for the rental company to arrive, HE CLEANED MY FRIEND’S GUTTERS FOR HER!!!!!  Without being asked.  He figured out a way to make the canopy drain directly into the gutters and not drip down the perimeter so that people wouldn’t have to worry about being dripped on when they went from the house to the patio.  Guys.  I think he’s earned his 15 minutes of fame via this blog that probably has 10 (OR A MILLION!!) followers.  People fawn all over him and tell him how great he is and his response to me was this:  “I think it’s living in LA.  It’s sad that being slightly helpful is so out of the norm that I stand out.”  Ugh.  He doesn’t even realize his awesomeness.  Which makes me want to slap him around sometimes.  But regardless, I think it’s official.  If Ryan hadn’t danced into my life (literally), I would be Gollum.  Only not as skinny because The Universe really sticks it to me in that department.

Ryan weaponAnd Ryan, I’m sorry I offered you up to iron women’s slacks.  But you are really good at ironing slacks!  I’m glad my offer was turned down.  I think he’s created a monster out of me.  So, if anyone would like Ryan’s help, let me know.  Ha ha.  Don’t.  Because I’d ask and he’d say yes.

Oh, and he’s started his own business, so if you’re in the greater LA area and need some tiling work done, he’s your man!  Just think – you’d be keeping me in glitter and glue!

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