Mid-Century Modern Credenza

You all know that I praise Ikea to the heavens.  I love Ikea.  A LOT of my furniture is from there.  But that doesn’t stop me from wanting different furniture.  Furniture that didn’t come out of a box.  One of those things is a new credenza for the TV.  The one we currently have is from Ikea.  They don’t sell it anymore, though, so I can’t show you a picture.  Well, I could wait until I get home, take a picture and upload it, but I won’t.  I’m not ALWAYS a giver.  I’ll just explain it – dark brown with frosted glass doors.  It’s fine, but…me wanty something differenty.  Here are some examples of what I’m lusting after:

Mid century credenzas

GAH!!  It doesn’t have to be vintage (even though that would be awesome), but…I want one of these.  Just picture it with our 100″ (okay not really, but it seems like it) TV.  DOUBLE GAH!  Sayonara Ikea cabinet! 

And…I don’t I’ve mentioned this, but our anniversary is in a couple of weeks and if anyone’s looking for a gift to give me (and Ryan too I guess?), let’s do this!  Let’s make this happen!  Otherwise, I’ll have to start a small savings fund.  Sadly, a swear jar might work.  (I try so hard to be good, but always seem to fail miserably).

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  1. Pete Herr
    Posted September 11, 2013 at 11:01 AM | Permalink

    I like the top left the best. Time to hit the flea markets.

    • Lizzie
      Posted September 11, 2013 at 11:08 AM | Permalink

      I know. And I freaking hate those things. I just want one to appear at my door. Is that too much to ask? (I know it is.)