Tutorial Tuesday – Freezer Paper!

No, I’m not showing you how to wrap up food.  Dummy.  This pertains to craftiness!  Apparently, freezer paper is a huge cheat in the craft world.  I mean cheat in a good way.  Not in a “Wesley Snipes totally cheated on his taxes, you guys” kind of way (did you know he’s in jail for that right now??).  I’ve seen it used a few different ways, like quilting (think of my paper piecing post), but what I’m going to talk about today is the screenprinting cheat.  I thought about trying a few of these, but then I got the Yudu.  It’s pretty much a moot point now.  But I know that a lot of you guys DON’T have a Yudu, so…here you go.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Maybe people are sick of the whole mustache thing, but I’m not.  Few things in life are funnier than Ron Swanson’s mustache.  Amirite?  So, behold the “Respect the Stache” onesie tutorial.

I’ll admit that this one jumped out at me because I’m literally* (or figuratively) in love with these fonts.  I try to work them into anything I make in Photoshop.  So, here’s the tutorial for these.  DO IT!

Duh.  Of course you do.  Seriously.  Make this.   I mean, make it for me if it doesn’t apply to you.


I’ve literally* (meaning figuratively) been DYING to make something with subway art.  Something.  ANYTHING.  I’ve thought about the wall art, but I’ve never thought about putting it on a pillow like this.  Love it.

Honestly, those are just a few examples (each one showing you the technique), but once you have the steps down, the sky’s the limit as far as what you can do.  Maybe a pillow that says “Keep Calm and….” (please don’t).  OR a drawing of my silhouette would be another good idea.  Or Ralph.  Or Ted.  OR ALL THREE OF US!  I’m just spitballing here…

*Ever notice that people** use that word far more than necessary and, also, incorrectly?  It means it actually happened or is 100% factual.  It’s not used as a hyperbole.  Like, “I LITERALLY crapped my pants when I heard that they’re making a movie based on the board game Battleship***.”  Did you?  Did you really?  It’s not the same as “almost” or “just about.”  It happened.  So, here’s a wet wipe, I guess?

**I bet I have used that word several times in this blog alone which meakes me a hypocrite.  I realize that.

***It was actually a close call on that one because I laughed so hard that I almost lost control of my bowels.

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